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Using marketing automation to maximize your webinars — Eloqua

Marketers tap a variety of communication and engagement tactics across all channels to build relationships and interact with prospects and customers.




Here are 6 tips to leverage marketing automation for your next webinar:

Trigger event excitement- Send an interactive asset to registrants, such as a video or podcast, highlighting the theme of the event, to get people excited about the content and encourage social sharing.Collect Q&A information- Record the questions asked by attendees during a webinar and integrate that data into your CRM to provide sales with deeper intelligence and context for follow-up calls, and to further qualify the opportunity.Segment your audience into groups based on key attributes, such as industry vertical, geography, or specific preference. This helps you refine your message and understand which prospects are most likely to convert and why. Segmenting can help reduce list decay and shorten the buy cycle.Build drip email campaigns to help move webinar leads from one stage to the next, and progress to conversion. Integrating automation with your webinars offers greater visibility into buyer stage, so you can improve your tactical approach.Match your content to your channel or target your invitations to people who you know have expressed interest in your topic. Rather than focusing on the need to cover a ton of ground, focus on exploring one topic in detail to support sound prospect education.Score the names generated from webinars- This will support your sales teams so they don’t have to waste time placing calls to the wrong leads. While many names sourced through webinars are early stage, lead nurturing will ensure those names are cultivated over time and scoring will ensure that they automatically get routed to the right person for follow up when the time is appropriate.

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